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Kaiflex HFplus s2

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Kaiflex HFplus s2 is a halogen-free insulation material designed for technical insulation, offering significant advantages in fire safety and environmental sustainability. It is free from PVC, chlorides, and brominated flame retardants, making it an ideal choice for industrial and specialized applications where the risk of toxic combustion gases is a concern. This includes settings such as maritime, railway, airport, and hospital environments.

The material prevents stress corrosion cracking and complies with s2 high European smoke specifications, which ensures low smoke development in case of fire, enhancing personal protection and reducing contamination. Its suitability for use in green building compliant projects highlights its contribution to sustainable construction practices.

Kaiflex HFplus s2 is available in both tube and sheet formats, including self-adhesive versions for sheets, allowing for flexibility in application. This halogen-free insulation system is not only environmentally friendly but also contributes to the safety and efficiency of building services, aligning with stringent European requirements for construction products in fire protection.

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