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WeatherPro External Valve Jackets

WeatherPro External Valve Jackets

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WeatherPro External Insulation Jacket: Designed for Durability and Performance

The WeatherPro external valve insulation jacket is specifically designed for use in challenging outdoor environments. Its weather-resistant layer ensures the insulated jacket maintains its thermal properties throughout its lifetime. The water and mold-resistant outer covering provides additional protection, preventing the jacket from degrading aesthetically even in the harshest conditions.

Importance of Valve Insulation Jackets

Insulated valve jackets play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient operation and longevity of valve systems in various industries. These jackets help maintain consistent temperature, prevent energy loss, and protect valves from external factors such as harsh weather conditions. The WeatherPro valve insulating jacket range offers exceptional quality and performance for LTHW, domestic services, and chilled water systems.

Material Specifications of WeatherPro Insulated Jackets

  • FR-PU Coated Cloth Outer Jacket: Available in 17 colors, this flame retardant PU coated cloth offers excellent durability and protection.
  • Waterproof Membrane: A crucial component for maintaining the valve jacket's integrity and performance in wet conditions.
  • 50mm Glass Fibre Insulation Fill: High-quality insulation material that ensures excellent thermal conductivity and temperature regulation.
  • Polyester Draw Cord: A sturdy and easy-to-use draw cord for convenient installation and removal of the insulated valve jacket.

Detailed Material Description

  • Cold Surface Jacketing: 200gr Flame Retardant PU Coated Cloth for enhanced safety and durability.
  • Infill: 50mm Glass Fibre encased in a Weather Proof Membrane for superior insulation and protection.
  • Fixing Velcro: A reliable and secure method for attaching the jacket to the valve system.
  • Draw Cord: 5mm Polyester cord for easy adjustments and secure fitting.
  • Stitching: High-quality Nomex stitching for long-lasting performance.

Key Specifications of WeatherPro Valve Insulating Jackets

  • Temperature Rating: Suitable for use at temperatures up to 95°C.
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.034w/m.K at 10°C, ensuring excellent insulation performance.
  • Color Options: Available in 17 different colors, with black as the standard option. Non-stock colors may incur additional charges.

WeatherPro insulated valve jackets provide a high-quality and effective solution for protecting and insulating your valve systems, flanges and other machinery and pipes. These external-use valve jackets are designed with top-grade materials to ensure long-lasting performance, making them the ideal choice for various applications and industries.

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